Thursday, October 05, 2006

Batman wants you to slap his ass | big boy

Much has been written about the difference in artistic approach towards comic book heroes versus heroines. The heroines, although proported to be representative of Gurrrrl power and therefore "strong female role models", are nevertheless portrayed in a sexualised way. The sexualisation is normally done in such a way as to presumably satisfy heterosexual male fantasies; e.g. exarggerated arched backs, thrusting breasts. Academics have argued that such a sexualisation reduces the potentially positive message of an alpha female to that of a mere sex object, seen through the male gaze and whose purpose is ultimately directed by (heterosexual) men.

The paragraph I've just written has its conceptual problems that stem from my own poor understanding. However, the main reason why I wrote it anyway is because it's a leadup to a link I came across. Essentially, comic book artists decided that it would be interesting to draw male heroes in female postures.

and this is what they came up with:

There's more here and it's all hilarious, and rather homoerotic. However, I'm especially fond of the fiery ball-pouch-thong thing.


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