Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Voices of Youth in Denmark

As Danes view the drab rubble of what was once a vibrant youth centre few applaud the decision to demolish a hotbed of creative youth culture.

But even fewer condone the organised outrage of youths that left parts of Copenhagen resembling a war zone.

From the BBC

There's a dark side to everything, even youth culture. They're a far cry from the fresh faced enthused young "delegates" that pop up at every generic Youth Conference, determined to Change the World and Make Youth Voices Heard.

They're prepared to fight for what they believe in, and for them, it doesn't mean talking about it.

Judging from the well-organised battle plans and the cases of prepared projectiles and petrol bombs found in Ungdomshuset, Europe would do well not to underestimate the anti-establishment resolve of some of its more politicised youths.

In a way I admire them. Not for their ability to accomplish goals - because I think that compromise is a virtue, but because they're willing to go beyond talk.

That said, don't do drugs and petrol bombs. They're bad for you and the environment.

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