Monday, May 01, 2006

Letters from a Hougang Rally

Just got back from the Hougang rally by Worker's Party.

A few quick letters:

Dear Sylvia Lim:

I want to love you. Really. But you need to get a good speechwriter, stat. Ask me. I work for internship pay (ie. half nothing, and coffee).


Dear Low Thia Khiang:

I'd say that I love you, but I think your heart's in Hougang. That chemistry you have with it - well, far be it from me to spoil such a beautiful relationship. For the sake of the nation, I'll step out.

Heartbroken Martyrly yours,

Dear 30,000 plus rally attendees:

Dun bruff. I know you're all illegal immigrants from uncontested GRCs, who've snuck into Hougang for because you were in search of a better life, one with democracy, freedom of speech, and rights of the individual. Did you hide in a cargoload of organic vegetables from Tuas?


Dear Heartlander Man:

Thanks for happily translating the Teochew speech for me. I realise that you weren't the only one who did so, since I spotted more than one person helpfully translating the various speeches into Chinese/English for strangers in the crowd. It helped greatly, although I suspect that if I had guessed "Down with PAP", I would have been right.

Monolingually yours,

Dear AhBeng:

I'm sorry I rolled my eyes at your Von Dutch shirt that your girlfriend bought you. You were beng, but you were nice and sweet and offered to help me across the ditch after I'd crawled under the barricade to get closer to the action. You deserve better, and I hope you enjoyed yourself that night.



Nice turn out tonight. Crowd wasn't enthusiastic, but what Singaporeans ever are? They turned up quietly nonetheless. The spirit was co-operative, with people offering to help complete strangers, and heartlanders who by turning up, displayed that they were most definitely not politically apathetic - in short, everything Singaporeans are accused of being.

Sometimes I forget that as a blogger, I'm the noisy one. Sometimes change starts from the bottem, from the voiceless.

But not always the powerless.

(oh, and some political stuff went down. Healthcare, upgrading, blahblah. Hey, I said the other people were politically un-apathetic. )


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