Sunday, June 18, 2006

Gather ye laurels where ye may | i say nice things

After I posted the previous entry that mentioned STOMP tangentially, I went to Yawning Bread and came across his take on STOMP.

An excerpt: "But the nature of Stomp is such that, it is the worst habits of netspeak that is likely to be encouraged. Far from cultivating an audience for the journalism products that a quality newspaper can generate, self-service portals cultivate a disdain for that kind of content"

(The tin-foil pyramid hat that I occasionally don when in conspiracy theory mode tells me that Stomp looks set to provide fuel for the "internet people are crazy although some bloggers can be entertaining" argument used by Balaji.)

Anyway, it's a great article, go and read it.

As the entry title suggests, I wanted to say something nice. As everyone knows, bad news spreads faster than good news, and we're more prepared to slap someone than clap them on the back. So I thought it would be nice, for a change, to point out something that was well done.

Chua Mui Hoong recently wrote an article in the ST criticising the government's linking upgrading with voting, and pushing opposition wards to the end of the queue. It was an unsually critical piece coming from the ST, although the signs that it was about to erupt was there for anyone interested ( see here ).

It was a good article, I thought. Although conspiracy theorists with bigger tin foil hats than myself want to talk about her sister and co-worker Chua Lee Hoong being an ex-ISD officer (and some have hinted darkly that "ex" wouldn't be entirely right), I have this to say: whatever. It's Singapore. Everyone's connected one way another. If you say that people shouldn't receive preferential treatment because of their parents, it goes the other way as well. You should consider it, of course, but it's not a determining factor.

Anyway. It was a good article, and it needed to be written. Incidentally, does anyone know what Ms Chua looks like sans spectacles? Just wondering. And they're, like, sisters, right? huh. Just asking. No reason.


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