Monday, July 03, 2006

Hillary Clinton Has a Blogger | speculative

This is interesting:

Using Peter to play ball
By Mark Tran / USA 12:54pm

In hiring Peter Daou, a prominent political blogger, for her campaign, Hillary Clinton is sending a clear signal that she intends to run for the White House in 2008.
There is not great love lost between Ms Clinton and the liberal wing of the party. She stands condemned, in their eyes, for having gone along with most senators in authorising George Bush to use force in Iraq.

In enlisting Mr Daou's services, Ms Clinton is banking on his credentials as a blogger and a liberal to take the edge off attacks from the blogosphere.
For Cenk Uygur, the move poses an intriguing question. He wonders whether Ms Clinton will pay any heed to what Mr Daou has to say and move more towards the Democratic party's so-called netroots, a phenomenon that first appeared during Howard Dean's 2004 run for the Democratic nomination. Mr Dean enjoyed a great run for a while, using the internet to mobilise disaffected Democrats and to raise money before his campaign imploded.
- The Guardian, 3 July, 2006

The rest of the article is here

I wonder who will be the first major political blogger co-opted here? We've already seen the beginnings of bloggers being taken seriously by MSM, and hired by them. I don't know my SG blogging history, or indeed, blogging history period, so I don't know if it's already happened.

Will we see the same thing here, and watch a prominent political blogger offered a prestigious job by a young ambitious MP needing the clout and cache of being "with it"? Or since quite a few bloggers are still young, a scholarship by a ministry that figures that the best way to silence someone is to hire them?

I'm not saying it's a bad thing to be offered something like that, and it will probably be offered with the best of intentions. But I can't help remembering how many of the new MPS this year were thought to be "dissenting" voices, until they actually ran for Parliament.

Will these hypothetical bloggers be called sell-outs too?


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