Tuesday, July 11, 2006

My paperclip for a house | personal stuff

Kyle MacDonald traded a paper clip for a house. He swapped the clip for a pen, and so on, various swapped items included a snowmobile, an afternoon with Alice Cooper, and finally, a house in Kipling, a small town in Canada. You can read the rest here.

If he was in Singapore, he'd have to start out with two paper clips.


Still writing thesis, so I've banned myself from writing much in this blog, as well as reading other blogs. Reading other blogs - such as the fascinating www.singaporeangle.com (it's spearheaded by a NUS tutor in the Philosophy dept, freshly back from his phD.) - just makes me want to write more articles of my own. Writing isn't the time consuming part, it's the research behind it. Hee. Had a little chat with someone the other day, and we ruefully concluded that historians make poor political bloggers. Political, commentary blogging, to some extent, must be done fast, with soundbites and catch-phrases and labels of convenience, and in a medium like that, it's hard to find the grey areas because you just don't have the time. Whereas historians fidget if they don't see a footnote, referencing, and at least a paragraph devoted to context. It's a whole new cultural matrix.

(This is in no way related to a thesis that can only be described as "bloated" at this point in time.)

I don't usually like to write about the personal, but I feel impelled to do so on this occasion: take care, A and Z. Be safe.

And bring back presents.


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