Friday, October 20, 2006

Gay animals in Norway | Singapore art

There's a gay animal exhibition in a museum in Norway. I understand that's the first time such an event has been held in a museum.

Curators say a Norwegian exhibition on homosexuality among animals has been well received, despite initial indications of strong opposition.

from the BBC

Sometimes, I think that it's Singapore's attitude towards sex/political commentary/mystical Asian values that is holding the arts scene back. After all, art thrives - heck, throws parties - on top of societal OOB markers. Those are the grey areas, relatively uncomprehended, which requires explanation and illustration through art.

The odd thing is this - the MDA always cites some group being potentially offended as a reason for clamping down. But often the cited group doesn't care, or thinks that kicking up a fuss will just make them seem silly. Take Talaq, for example, banned on grounds of being insensitive to Muslims - every Muslim I talked to couldn't figure out why it should be banned. Ironically, Malays as usual got the brunt of the blame - which is odd, since it was an Indian group that first complained.

So just who is holding MDA's leash? Or is the MDA like a tradition that's gone on for so long that everyone continues to do it, despite the fact that no one can quite remember why?

Bah. I want to see gay penguins in Singapore. Then again, there's always been something gay about penguins.

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