Wednesday, August 22, 2007

MCPs thrive on the P65

From a commenter on the p65 blog:

I am not homophobic, long back in my polytechnic days I dated a girl who is bisexual (she told me) and I have studied abroad in a country where “gay is ok” and have studied with persons with such orientation, even befriended them and if they visit this country and if I have the resources, I’d accomodate them in my home. However, to change the law concerned with them right now, is perhaps not the best of ideas because although a lot of noise has been heard as of late calling for the change, it is all coming from a small liberatarian portion of an Asian city state. It is because somebody was a part of a Rafflesian alumnus, a possible future leader of this country we cannot afford to lose, that that person chose to abstain from going anywhere near that segment of society. It is that sort of a person, that thinks like the majority of his people. Do not challenge such sentiments or Lynette, you yourself for one may not have a boyfriend for long, or a decent husband born in this country ever, unless he is bisexual.
- Harish Shah, July 22nd, 2007 at 9:00 pm

How on earth does stuff like this get through the moderator?

No, really. This is classic male chauvinist behaviour - "behave little woman, or you're going to be single all your life, and as a woman, that would be TERRIBLE for you." It's demeaning, because it in effect puts down the other party, by reminding them that they are female, and lesser.

Don't believe me? Reverse the situation.

Do not challenge such sentiments or Harish, you yourself for one may not have a girlfriend for long, or a decent wife born in this country ever, unless she is bisexual

Doesn't quite have the same punch, does it?

Of course, I could be taking it out of context.... *sidles away sheepishly*



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