Thursday, May 04, 2006

My First PAP Rally at Boat Quay

Attended PAP rally at Raffles Place today. It was just at Boat Quay, on the promenade, backdrop of the Fullerton.

Cheryl Fox attended. I wonder if she ever attended the WP ones? Does CNA go to WP rallies at all? (Lazy to check.)

Am vaguely wondering, did they have to put the ministerial podium with the seated PAP pple in the sun, on the promenade, because there's some kind of electoral rule about holding rallies on private property? (e.g. under the UOB canopy, on its plaza.)

Because that's the only reason I can think of that would explain why the poor PAP ministers had to sit under the sun for 2 hours at noon. Seriously, I felt sorry for them. Sitting out there in the sun - to what purpose? To get some sort of crowd at a PAP rally for once, by attracting the RP office people? Or to not too subtly hold a rally celebrating the PAP's past achievements, in the business district, surrounded by the most tangible results of past acumen - gigantic metaphorical phalluses?

I'd blog more, but seriously, I cannot be bothered. What I would like to say is probably defamatory, or will be ruled defamatory. Or maybe that's defamatory. Ok, I'll say it - white makes you look like RI boys.

Out of curiousity, has there ever been a politician of First World Country that whined about the opposition party making his extremely well-paid job difficult, by forcing him/her/it to win elections? Which did not occur today. I'm just wondering.

(Technorati hates me. I refuse to take it personally.)


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