Wednesday, August 09, 2006

I am a Singaporean | unresistance of the meme

Wrote this some time ago, actually. Never completed it, thanks to the thesis.

I am a Singaporean.

I am Chinese, and I am Malay. I am also Indian, and indeterminate Caucasian. Because of that, I generally identify myself as Race: Singaporean

I went to the best secondary school in Singapore, and the best junior college, and I still feel a tingle of undeserved, shameful pride about that, despite telling people that Raffles is no big deal and it's really time I stop talking about my high school.

I love the MRT because it divides up the country into easily understood packages. I also hate the MRT for doing just that.

I smile when I want to, and frown when I want to, and hide my face completely when I see the 4 million smile campaign. I can smile, but some stupid government campaign can't bloody make me.

I believe that the government should run a campaign to get people to smile.

I wanted Potong Pasir to stay Opposition, because I'm glad that someone stood up to the government. I'm never going to move there because I want someone else to stand up against the government.

I think it's perfectly fine to drive for an hour just to reach that perfect laksa stall, and I wouldn't do it.

I don't wear red and white anymore.

Malaysians are just like us, except completely crazy, immoral, law-breaking, and possibly having more fun. And the combination of the last two drive me crazy.

I believe in freedom of speech and I also wish that the government could crack down on people whose views I don't like.

I get annoyed when foreigners criticise my country. When foreigners praise it, I assure them there's a lot wrong with it.

I am a Singaporean. Please don't tell anyone.


At 11:37 pm, Anonymous your biggest fan said...

you did not go to the best school in Singapore! I did.

At 2:38 pm, Blogger Mezzo said...

Well, excuse me, but *we* held first place the ST Top 100 for some 4-6 years running. The Straits Times produced those figures, and I find your questioning of our leading newspapers' reporting very unpatriotic, given their professionalism.


At 10:46 pm, Anonymous your biggest fan said...

aiyah! so singaporean one! number one in ranking means the best issit? where got one? cheh.

At 10:37 pm, Blogger Mezzo said...

If you don't believe in rankings, you're not Singaporean! Get out of the country!

At 12:39 am, Anonymous your biggest fan said...

can i take you with me? ;-)


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