Thursday, December 13, 2007

"Come for an interview, plztnx"

This may be an employee's market, but that doesn't make the job hunt any fun. That said - I'm not particularly impressed by a comapany who called me down for an interview recently. Upon arriving, I was told that they had decided they wanted me for a different position than the one I had applied for.

Ok, it was similar enough that it wasn't such a stretch, but it was not necessarily something I would have applied for, would have required working in a different part of town, with decidedly different job prospects and environment.

Then again, perhaps I should have been tipped off by the HR person who called me the day before to confirm that I was coming down. Her opening line on the phone was, "Eh, this is X from the XYZ. You tomorrow coming down hor?"

The interview didn't inspire confidence either. I was asked two questions in total - and one of those questions was, "So, do you have any questions for us?"

The coupe de grace came as the interview wrapped up. "Oh, the person whom you'll be working under and hiring you isn't here, she's on holiday. If we shortlist you, you'll be asked to come for a second interview."

So why ask me to come down in the first place? I had to take leave for this. Gah.

I don't think they'll be calling me. I may cost too much. Am I an elitist?



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